It has recently been revealed that the actor Eric Stoltz was originally cast to play 'Marty MCFly' in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy and filmed five weeks' worth of scenes before he was replaced by Michael J Fox. Director Robert Zemeckis decided that Stoltz had different "comedy sensibilities" to himself and co-writer BOB GALE, and producer Steven Spielberg wasn't sure that the actor would provide the 'laughs', reports Entertainment Weekly.
A sneak peek of Stoltz's scenes are included as a DVD extra in a 'Back to the Future' 25th Anniversary Trilogy collection, due for release on October 26th 2010. Zemeckis recalls having to make the 'horrific decision' of recasting the role after the studio agreed to let him reshoot the scenes. After Fox took over the lead role, Stoltz went on to star in the 1985 movie, 'Mask' and won a Golden Globe nomination for his performance.
Stoltz originally being cast as 'Marty MCFly' joins a long list of famous Hollywood recasts. The actor Tom Selleck was originally cast to play INDIANA JONES before the part was given to Harrison Ford, and Christopher Walken was reportedly close to starring as 'Hans Solo' in the Star Wars films.