Eric Prydz is about to top the British single chart for the third week running - but the promotional video for CALL ON ME has stirred up moral outrage.

The video, which is rumoured to be a spoof of the aerobic scene in the 1985 movie PERFECT, has been branded pornographic by politicians, parents and pressure groups for showing Lycra-clad men and women touching themselves and rubbing towels over their sweaty bodies.

Britain's Conservative Party's culture spokesperson JOHN WHITTINGDALE complains, "It is sad that we have got to the stage where singles are promoted not on their musical quality but on the basis of sexual imagery. The fact that many of the sales have been for the DVD format is very telling."

JOHN BEYER, director of the MEDIAWATCH pressure group, adds, "The video is totally inappropriate for its target audience - everybody knows that singles are bought mainly by children and teenagers.

"It is yet another example of sexual imagery being used to promote goods to impressionable people."

05/10/2004 13:53