Actor Eric Mccormack was able to get out of a legal wrangle recently - because the judge on his case was a fan of his sitcom Will And Grace.

The Canadian screen admits fell foul of Beverly Hills law enforcers when he was caught allowing his dog to run around a local park without a leash.

He says, "I got a summons to go to court - I'm a Hollywood bad boy! It was in the park with other dogs without leashes. It's insane.

"The ranger gave me a ticket and I had to show up, so I missed work one morning and it's unbelievable; I'm in court with guys with DUIs (driving under influence) and guys who skipped parole and were working off their prison sentence and there's me because I didn't have a leash on my dog.

"And then the bailiff looks over. He's like, 'You that homo from TV?' But it was true celebrity justice, because I finally got in front of the judge and he was like, 'Mr McCormack, you have violated the animal code of LA County. But, because this is your first offence and because I loved the Kevin Bacon episode, I'm gonna let you go.'"

04/11/2004 21:23