Eric Mccormack's upcoming Tv movie about a real-life murderer is set to premiere on Saturday (23Mar13) after a U.S. judge overruled an injunction banning network bosses from airing the film.

Incarcerated killer Christopher Porco filed suit against chiefs at Lifetime Television, claiming Romeo Killer: The Christopher Porco Story violated his publicity rights.

Porco, who was found guilty of killing his father Peter and attempting to murder his mother Joan in 2005, filed suit against network chiefs, claiming Romeo Killer: The Christopher Porco Story, starring MCCormack, Matt Barr and Lolita Davidovich, contained a "fictionalized account" of the events leading up to his sentencing.

New York Supreme Court Judge Robert Mueller issued an injunction against the movie's producers on Tuesday (19Mar13), and prohibited them from airing it on its scheduled premiere date (23Mar13).

The initial ruling also prevented the network from promoting the film, and bosses at Lifetime were forced to remove all advertisements for the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Executives at the cable Tv network filed an emergency appeal to overturn the verdict and an appellate court has given them permission to go ahead with the broadcast this weekend, issuing a stay on the injunction. Porco now has until 10 April (13) to show cause on why the injunction order shouldn't be lifted.