Eric Idle wants to take Monty Python around the world to say ''goodbye''.

The 70-year-old funnyman feels ''fortunate'' that five of the six members of the comedy troupe are still alive and able to work and he would be happy to take their forthcoming live show at The O2 in London out onto the world stage.

He said: ''I am officially nearly retired but I am happy performing live.

''I have no problem if we wanted to do The Hollywood Bowl again and the Sydney Opera House and Madison Square Garden.

''I think it's a sweet idea to be able to go around the world and say farewell. We are fortunate there are enough of us to be able to do it. It's a good thing to do for fans.''

However, Eric insists the Pythons - John Cleese, 74, Terry Jones, 71, Terry Gilliam, 72, and Michael Palin, 70 - have not yet planned anything bigger than the London shows though they know they could easily cash in on their legacy and be ''greedy'' as the demand for more is there.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, he said: ''If we were greedy b*****ds we'd have a big company such as AEG in there and we'd be doing a world tour.

''But we're not greedy b*****ds, we're actually quite nice people who have lives.''

Yesterday (25.11.13), after the announced one-off reunion show 'Monty Python Live (Mostly) sold out in just 43.5 seconds, four more dates at London's The O2 were announced.

These have also now sold out.