LATEST: Prosecutor ERIC DUBIN pleaded with jurors in the Robert Blake civil trial to find the actor guilty of his wife's murder during his wrap-up in Burbank, California yesterday (3NOV05).

Dubin, who is representing Bonny Lee Bakley's children, Blake's stepchildren, showed the court harrowing images taken of the dead woman's body after she had been shot through the head, and urged jury members to find the BARETTA star liable for his wife's death.

Bakley's adult children HOLLY and GLENN GAWRON turned their heads away from the projector screen as the gruesome images were shown.

Dubin urged the jury, which is now in deliberation, not to let stories about Bakley's unsavoury life as a con artist and seedy nude model sway them from finding Blake guilty.

He said, "Husbands don't get to decide whether their wives should die... This was not Robert Blake's retirement plan."

Blake's attorney PETER EZZELL countered by stating, "The evidence remains unclear whether the plaintiffs' claim is that Mr Blake killed Ms Bakley or someone else did."

Blake, 72, was acquitted of murdering Bakley in a criminal trial decision back in March (05).