Eric Clapton is convinced Beatles legend John Lennon and pop superstar Lulu had an affair in 1967.

The LAYLA singer, 58, claims he remembers seeing Lennon and the SHOUT singer leave a London party, held to launch The Beatles' seminal SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND LP, hand in hand together.

The singer-songwriter was still married to first wife CYNTHIA POWELL at the time.

Clapton tells Uncut magazine, "John was with Lulu and I remember thinking, 'What an odd couple'.

"At dawn it (the party) came to an end. We went outside and the road was lined with policemen. I remember this hand-painted Rolls Royce drawing up and John and Lulu got in.

"John was saying, 'God, look at all the police.'

"I think everybody went back to John's house and carried on."

Lennon divorced Powell the following year (68) to marry Yoko Ono, while Lulu went on to enjoy a fling with David Bowie and married hairdresser JOHN FRIEDA in 1976 - they are now divorced.

06/04/2004 14:08