Eric Clapton stole model PATTIE BOYD away from pal George Harrison because he was jealous of the beatle's perfect life. The Layla rocker speaks candidly of the famous love triangle between himself, Harrison and Boyd in his new memoir Clapton: The Autobiography, confessing he felt compelled to mess with his friend's life. Clapton reveals he had a strong sense of sibling rivalry towards Harrison - and that drove him to lure his wife away. In the new book, he writes, "I... coveted Pattie because she belonged to a powerful man who seemed to have everything I wanted: amazing cars, an incredible career and a beautiful wife. "This was not an emotion that was new to me. I remember that when my mum came home from Canada with her new family - she was an unmarried teenager when I was born in 1945, and had gone there to start a new life - I wanted my half-brother's toys because they seemed more expensive and better than mine. "It was a feeling that had never gone away, and it was definitely part of the way I felt toward Pattie." In her own memoirs, released earlier this year (07), Boyd revealed that life with Clapton wasn't always great - endless touring was tiring and the violent guitar great wasn't the greatest husband after they wed in 1979. She wrote, "There were times when he was more like an animal than the loving husband I'd known. I was frightened. I thought he'd end up killing one of us."