Veteran rocker Eric Clapton received a letter from his dead son just hours after the four-year-old's funeral in 1991. The LAYLA guitarist was mourning CONOR, who died after falling from the 53rd floor of a New York apartment building after a cleaner left the window open, when he received the heartbreaking letter. Conor had written his first letter to dad Clapton days before his tragic death. It was posted in London by his mother LORY DEL SANTO. Speaking on US TV show PRIMETIME, the Italian model said, "The baby had learned to write a few words and he said to me, 'Oh mummy, I want to write a letter to daddy, what shall I write?' "I told him, 'Well, write I love you.' He wrote that and we posted it like a regular letter. "After Conor died, Eric and I arrived in London for the funeral. I was there when Eric received his mail just after the funeral and he opened it and it was Conor's letter. That is a moment I cannot forget." Clapton paid tribute to his son with his award-winning track TEARS TO HEAVEN.