Rock legend Eric Clapton passed on the chance to induct his pal GEORGE HARRISON into the ROCK + ROLL HALL OF FAME earlier this month (MAR04) - because he's sure people are sick of his comments about the former BEATLE.

The LAYLA guitarist was the first person approached to do the honours, but he reluctantly stepped aside in favour of Harrison's TRAVELLING WILBURYS pals Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.

Clapton initially told friends he was too busy getting ready for his next tour, but he has since explained, "I thought it befitting for someone else to do that induction.

"I mean, I think I've just been over-associated with George's memory. I just think that someone else needs to share in it."

But Clapton has since offered a positive note to his pal's passing.

He says, "The best thing that came out of his passing was that we all got to remember exactly what he'd contributed.

"In my opinion, I found him, his work the most accessible (of all the Beatles), and for me, the strongest to tune in to."

26/03/2004 17:38