British rock legend Eric Clapton's new album has been inspired by his constant sense of lethargy - brought on by the birth of his fifth child.

The 60-year-old musician feels so sleep-deprived due to being a father of three young children with wife MELIA McENERY, he has penned a tune called SO TIRED with lyrics, 'My mood is getting snappy/ Daddy won't change no nappy/ And I'm so tired.'

He says, "Now I wake up naturally at 6am and I don't go back to sleep. It's changed my life entirely. But I love it - there's no complaints.

"Sometimes I'm really tired. But my poor wife's in the thick of it all the time. I can get away, but that's life, isn't it."

Clapton and his 29-year-old American spouse have three daughters together, four-year-old JULIE ROSE, two-year-old ELLA MAY, and six-month-old SOPHIE.

He is also father to Ruth Kelly, 19, following a brief affair with her mother YVONNE - but tragically his only son, CONOR, fell to his death from a 53rd floor apartment in 1991 at the age of four.

However Clapton enjoys spending time with his children and adds, "It's part of the deal. When you get home and they run up to you, there's nothing like it".