Rock n' roll wife PATTI BOYD fell for Eric Clapton after he wrote her a love note. Boyd was in a relationship with beatle, George Harrison at the time but she was tempted by Clapton after his heartbroken plea. Boyd, who inspired Harrison's hit SOMETHING and Clapton's LAYLA, says, "One day, I got a letter in the mail. It was written on a piece of paper torn out of a copy of the novel OF MICE AND MEN. "In tiny, scrawly, little handwriting it said, 'Dear Pattie, I have always loved you and this is breaking my heart. All I want is to be with you.' "So I showed it to George, who just dismissed it. "Early that evening, the phone rang and it was Eric. He said, 'Did you get my letter?'" Boyd left Harrison and married Clapton in 1977. The couple divorced 11 years later. In spite of their romantic differences, the two rockers maintained their friendship until Harrison died in 2001.