Eric Clapton turned into "an animal" and regularly beat his wife PATTIE BOYD after failing to cure his alcohol addiction in rehab. Clapton spent six weeks in a Minnesota rehab clinic in 1982, but the stint failed to cure his reliance on alcohol. In a tell all autobiography, Boyd - who divorced the singer in 1989 after nine years of marriage - claims Clapton vented his frustrations out on her and feared she would be killed. She says, "One day I saw a photograph my sister had taken of me. I didn't recognise myself. My face was puffy. "There were times when he was more like an animal than the loving husband I'd known. I was frightened. I thought he'd end up killing one of us. "It was as though he had lost his personality. He was also angry - angry he couldn't do the one thing he enjoyed in life: have a drink."