Country singer Eric Church has taken aim at touts for bulk buying tickets to his upcoming tour, urging the scalpers to stop taking the best seats from his fans.
The Love Your Love The Most hitmaker is preparing to embark on a mammoth U.S. trek, but he is fuming after discovering tickets are being bought up by agents and sold on to supporters at inflated prices.
Church is upset the touts have been joining his fan club to gain access to the best seats and he has branded them "slimy sons of b**ches" for adopting the procedure.
He tells, "Scalpers p**s me off. I've never encountered this in my life, we've never been at this level, and, quite frankly, we were unprepared.
"We tried to make our tickets very accessible to fans, we kept the ticket prices low. What we didn't count on was all these big ticket brokers would join our fan club, infiltrate our system, take advantage of our system, and buy up all these tickets.
"Now, at a lot of these buildings that are selling out, there's 500 - 600 tickets left to sell, and we don't have any of them. Ticket brokers are (asking for) $200 $300 $400 a ticket. It penalises the fans; that was gonna be their pit ticket, their front row ticket.
"The down side is, the lower your ticket prices are, the more these ticket brokers can buy up... They are just some slimy sons of b**ches.
"If (brokers) didn't go to the fan club and waited on the (general) on-sale, I can handle aspects of that. But they infiltrate the fan club and get pit tickets or front row tickets that we want our fans to have first shot at... They come in and scoop them up and mark them up thousands of percentage points and come back and try to sell them to the same fan, that's the part that bothers me the most. If we wanted our tickets to be high we would have made 'em high."