The Troy star shared a trailer with the Extras actor during filming of Netflix Originals movie Special Correspondents. And in an interview with British newspaper The Metro, Eric, 47, revealed life on set certainly had its high and low points.

While the Australian actor, born to Croatian-German parents, enjoyed working with Ricky, he didn't much love being subjected to Ricky's musical attempts through the paper thin wall of a very small trailer.

"The best thing was being allowed to have fun at work. The worst thing was sharing a very small trailer with a parted wall," he revealed to Metro.

"I’d ban him from having a guitar or singing as it would be like he’s the room with me, we could talk to each other through the wall it was that thin!"

In Special Correspondents, the 47-year-old plays Frank Bonneville, an egotistical journalist who works with Ricky’s technician Ian Finch at a New York radio station. When they are unable to fly out to South America to report on a rebel uprising after losing their passports, they make up an elaborate lie that they have been kidnapped, and fake reports from home.

The Hanna star started his career as a comedian in Australian TV sketch show Full Frontal, but kept his comedy roots a secret from his accomplished co-star.

"I was a conscious non-contributor and relaxed in the knowledge that Ricky was there to bring the laughs and I was there to help him deliver the laughs.

"He didn’t know about my comedy background which was fun and I didn’t feel a whole lot of pressure," he explained.

The actor returns to more serious matters in Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur film, Knights Of The Round Table, as Uther Pendragon - father of Charlie Hunnam's Arthur.

Charlie is just 11 years younger than Eric, but the slight age difference won't be noticeable because Eric's scenes as Uther will be done in flashback.

"There’s a bit of flashback, we’re not in current times it’s not me sitting there going 'Charlie, this is how it’s going to be son!' No, I’m not meant to be his father in the same period of time."

Eric admits now he's getting older, the scripts he's receiving are different, but that's not a bad thing.

"You might not necessarily be the guy getting slammed against a wall hundreds of times in ten pages, that’s nice," he said.

Special Correspondents is available to stream on Netflix from April 29 (16).