Austalian actor Eric Bana had an embarrassing introduction to the U.S. - he was arrested at a gas station in his underwear during his first American roadtrip.
The Black Hawk Down star went on a solo tour of the states when he moved to America in the early 1990s and slept in his Mustang when he was too broke to afford a hotel.
Driving around and desperate for a shower, Bana pulled into the nearest gas station for a quick rinse - but police were called to the scene before he had time to pull up his pants.
He says, "I slept in the car a lot. I wanted to experience everything the county had to offer... I got done (arrested) for taking a shower in the gas station. I just got under it (the facet) and turned it on. I was not naked. I had my jocks (underwear) on. I was able to wash my hair."