Actor Eric Bana was brought down to earth on the set of his new movie LUCKY YOU - he spent hours filming a scene only to have to re-shoot it because an extra was asleep. Bana co-stars with Drew Barrymore in director Curtis Hanson's movie about poker players, and recalls one particularly painful day. He says, "Curtis shoots a lot... One day I had a little embarrassing moment - he gets very into his, like, 'Eric, we're going to have to cover this scene a lot. We're going to have to do a lot of takes, we should be done by lunchtime.' "It's like four o'clock in the afternoon, everyone's starving. We finally nail it (the scene). He says, 'That was great, that was great. You go and have some lunch. It was fantastic, it was perfect.' "Anyway, we use real poker players. There are hardly any actors in this movie. Anyone sitting next to me is the real deal. "We come back from lunch and he (Curtis) says, 'So Eric, we've got to do the scene again.' And I said, 'Why?' He said, 'We had a look at the tape, and the guy sitting next to you is asleep.' "Now, as an actor you like to feel you have this enigmatic energy. So I didn't feel to good about that. Then they showed me the tape in case I didn't believe them that the guy was asleep."