In advance of a special to air on the nostalgia channel TV Land, the channel and Entertainment Weekly have issued a list of the 50 greatest TV "icons" of all time. The list is headed by Johnny Carson, with Lucille Ball listed in second place. But it is heavily weighted in favor of personalities from the '70s on. For example, while it lists Barbara Walters at No. 23, it makes no mention of Edward R. Murrow (or Mike Wallace Chet Huntley, David Brinkley or Walters' ABC colleague Diane Sawyer, for that matter.) Jerry Seinfeld, Bea Arthur, Jon Stewart and Flip Wilson make the list at Nos. 8, 38, 41, and 43 respectively, but not Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, or Red Skelton. While Kermit the Frog takes 21st place, Howdy Doody is passed over. And while Regis Philbin ranks 27th, Dave Garraway and Steve Allen are ignored.