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With so much passion in his voice .. who gives a dam about a small penis. I think its a disgrace that the media and his fans gossip about Enrique. His a talented young man with a good hart and I am sure Anna is very happy..Big FanGwyneth

Posted 10 years 2 weeks ago by Gwyneth

Gwyneth's picture

Maybe she f-u-c-k-s him up the butt with her clit, that's why they need a small condom?

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by my two cents

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First, its very common , he has the guts to say that , its not the lengh, the diameter of consoms is rather standard wich is very uncomfortable I didnt like this guy until this, although he is a prefab product, he doesnt write songs, he doesn play any instrument, and his voice is sampled most of the time many times with his father`s , an incident in western europe showed how he really sings after a disgrunted technician cut the mike off....despite all this, its good he is very honest with this hole thing

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by Juan Duran

Juan Duran's picture

Rivers, you are a tool. And for your information, no we were not wondering. People who constantly brag about their size are usually the ones who are found wanting down there. Do you want me to continue? No? Good.Enrique is a lenged. He has it all looks, a great voice and most of all is a down to earth nice guy. So why is everyone picking on him about his size? I mean who care anyway. He is a total sex god. Just look at who was voted People magazines sexiest batchelor. Yeah that would be Enrique and, not unsurprisingly, you rivers or whoever else is paying Enrique out.Theses rumours have been circulating for ages and I can't believe people are still paying attention to them.He puts himself out there as a singer and song writer not as a bloody horse. Give the guy a break. I for one believe him about him being of regular size now get over it!

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by Enrique's Querida

Enrique's Querida's picture

Condom kingdom on south street in philadelphia has small pecker condoms for iglesias.I'am a magnum man in case anyone was wondering.

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by rivers

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