Spanish pop prince Enrique Iglesias has been left horrified by the terrorist attacks in Madrid that killed 200 people last week (ends12MAR04).

The HERO singer had just arrived in Brisbane, Australia when three bombs exploded on rush-hour trains in the Spanish capital causing death and destruction.

He says, "It's a huge catastrophe. The minute I found out I called my mother and my sisters. I can't believe it's gone to that level.

"I couldn't imagine that would ever happen in my country."

Initially suspected to be the work of Basque separatist group ETA, OSAMA BIN LADEN's AL QAEDA terrorist network are now thought to be responsible for the attack.

Enrique, who was born in Madrid, but raised in Florida, America, adds, "For me what went through my head was, 'I cannot believe they would go to that extreme.'

"Who would do such a thing and why? Things I think will be different from now on."

16/03/2004 17:26