Enrique Iglesias, Sting and Ricky Martin are being eyed by movie bosses to star in a new Brazilian soccer movie called THE GOAL.

The movie, which will be executive produced by Spike Lee and PAOLO SADRI, will star Mario Lopez with production taking place in Rio De Janeiro and Miami, Florida, from November (05).

Brazil's soccer team will be part of the cast, says Sadri, who adds, "We are also considering Enrique Iglesias for a role," as well as Martin, Sting, Sonia Braga and Javier Bardem.

The Goal follows a young man who escapes Rio's hillside slums and becomes the top soccer player in the world.

The movie, along with David Beckham and Diego Luna's trilogy GOAL, is one of many soccer-themed films currently in the pipeline.

17/01/2005 21:34