Spanish heart-throb Enrique Iglesias and his producer STEVE MORALES have been slapped with a lawsuit by a composer who claims they stole his music.

HENRY LORENZO HAYNES alleges that he was commissioned to work on some tracks for the ESCAPE hitmaker's last album by Morales last year (02). After the release of the long player, Haynes was furious to discover his work had been used but no mention of his contribution had been made in the credits.

His lawsuit says, "Even an ordinary observer can hear the exact copy (in the English and Spanish versions of the song). The misappropriation is severe."

According to Haynes, shortly after meeting Iglesias through Morales, he gave a copy of Remind Me to the producer who told him it was a surefire hit. Morales then took the tape of the recording belonging to Haynes and some time afterwards told him he was barred from the studio.

Representatives for the Latin hunk have yet to comment on the legal challenge.

20/10/2003 01:58