Pop superstar Enrique Iglesias has set himself the target of performing in every viable country on the planet.

The Hero singer admits he loves touring and enjoying the sights and sounds of new cultures, and he won't retire from the stage until he's played every nation he can.

In a new video posted on his website, which features recent footage of the star in India, Dubai and Turkey, he says, "My favourite part of being on the road is being able to go to so many different countries, different cultures. I wanna be able to tour in every country around the world. I love going to new places. I love touring.

"I love being able to say that I can tour in South Africa and then all over Europe and North America and Asia."

But there's one big drawback to life on the road - and it's not how little time he spends with girlfriend Anna Kournikova.

He explains, "I wish I could take my dogs with me to every single country and city... Trust me, I've thought about it. Unfortunately, I'm working most of the time when I'm on the road, so it would be tough."