The daughter of renowned British children's author Enid Blyton didn't care that Madonna had never heard of her famous mother - because she didn't know much about the MATERIAL GIRL either.

At the launch of her book The English Roses on Sunday (14SEP03), singer Madonna surprised the waiting press by admitting she had never heard of Blyton, who penned many British children's favourite books, including the FAMOUS FIVE and MALLORY TOWERS series.

But Blyton's daughter, retired teacher GILLIAN BAVERSTOCK, admits, "I know very little about (Madonna) because I don't listen to pop. As far as I know, none of my children listened to her."

But Baverstock concedes Madonna was unlikely to have heard of her writer mother while a child in 1960's Michigan, America.

She adds, "Growing up in the US when she did she wouldn't have come across Enid Blyton unless she had an aunt in the UK who would have sent her that sort of thing."

17/09/2003 13:39