Singer Engelbert Humperdinck has accused his former manager of holding back his career - and favouring chart rival Tom Jones.

Both stars were managed by GORDON MILLS, but Humperdinck - real name ARNOLD DORSEY - insists Mills stopped him from being as successful as the Welsh IT'S NOT UNUSUAL hitmaker.

Humperdinck says, "Once I became as big as Tom, America was calling out for me. Gordon had no alternative but to send me there - but I never felt that he was holding the reigns between us equally.

"Everyone knew there was a bit of rivalry between me and Tom. But within that race, Gordon did no play fair. He did give me the same attention and opportunities he was giving Tom.

"I found out from other people that he was giving Tom first choice of songs on offer and only Tom's rejects came to me."

19/10/2004 14:01