Emmylou Harris - The American country musician and multiple Grammy Award winner Emmylou Harris, says she wouldn't swap life on the tour bus for a private jet, reports the Huffington Post. Harris has described herself as "like a trench soldier" when touring around the United States and insists she wouldn't trade places with the rock stars who live a life of luxury while on tour.
Harris is set to play a number of dates in the U.S. throughout April, before travelling to Europe to perform in London, Glasgow and Manchester. The 64-year-old says she enjoys life on the road, rejecting the need for a 'private jet' and adding, "I love the bus! You can spread out. You have your books. You can sleep when you want, have company when you feel like it. And you can take your dogs. I wish I'd realized that earlier - it's only in the last 15 years that I've taken them with me on the bus". The singer-songwriter releases her new album 'Hard Bargain' today (26th April 2011) and the record is already gaining rave reviews. Recorded in just one month with only three musicians, the album has been described as a simplistic return to form for the Nashville legend. Addressing the record's title, Harris said, "Just being in the world is a hard bargain. Everything has a price, a blessing and a curse. It's relentless. We can't really resist life - we're pulled back into it".
As well being an award winning musician in her own right, Emmylou Harris has been a sought after backing vocalist for over four decades. She has featured on records by Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, Elvis Costello, The Band, Conor Oberst and DOLLY PARTON.