Country star Emmylou Harris has shown her caring side, by helping build kennels for animal rights group PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PETA).

The 11-time Grammy winner took a break from her American tour last week (ends20AUG04) to construct dog houses at PETA's

headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

More than 2,000 dogs in south-eastern Virginia and north-eastern North Carolina have received custom-built houses since PETA's Community Animal Project began in 1998, but thousands more are still without adequate shelter.

Winter storms and freezing temperatures make life miserable for pooches left outside without shelter, and many suffer frostbite and even die from exposure, while others are simply miserable, day and night.

This isn't the first time that Harris, a dog lover who fosters dogs for her local humane society, has lent her support to a PETA campaign - in 2002, she wrote a letter on PETA's behalf to the animal shelter in Robeson County, North Carolina, begging officials to stop abuses that had been caught on video.

Harris has also recorded a radio public service announcement, in which she urges listeners to support PETA's work.

23/08/2004 10:41