PHANTOM OF THE OPERA star Emmy Rossum has landed a new record deal with Geffen and is writing tracks for her debut album with top producer GLEN BALLARD. The operatic 19-year-old insists she won't be releasing a classical album as her debut; instead the project will be pure pop with nods to her favourite artists Annie Lennox and Sarah Mclachlan. Rossum says, "It's a totally different process than anything I've done. I've been frustrated listening to music radio the last few years. I don't hear any songs that are contemporary and young and have emotional truth so I hope to bring some of that back. "I think this is an opportunity for me to not be playing a character, and to show everyone my heart and soul. "Even though I started out in the opera when I was young I really feel like I've found my own voice and it doesn't sound classical at all."