Emmy Rossum's 'A Futile and Stupid Gesture' co-star Will Forte used to tell her he'd ''just farted'' before their romantic scenes.

The 31-year-old actress admitted the 'Last Man on Earth' actor would regularly relax the pair ahead of their loved-up takes by making the quip, but she insisted he didn't actually break wind.

She said: ''Right before all of our romantic scenes, right after they would say 'rolling', he would whisper to me, 'I just farted.' That was pretty memorable for me.

''He did it lots of times. It was just a thing where he would be like, 'I just farted.' ''

Joel McHale - who stars as Chevy Chase in the Netflix biographical comedy movie - joked flatulence could've been prevalent on set because there was so much dried fruit available to the cast and crew.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Sundance Film Festival, he added: ''There was a lot of dried fruit on the set, so...''

But if Will had been constantly breaking wind on set he wouldn't have been the only star who is prone to flatulence.

Iggy Pop once admitted he cannot stop breaking wind when he hits the road, and particularly when he is rehearsing his tunes.

Speaking in 2016, he said: ''There's been a decline, I am 68 and things have gone downhill from when I was 21. I can qualify as an old fart. If I am at home I fart very rarely but, If I'm out on the road, I'm farting all the f***ing time.

''I'm farting all through rehearsal for the end of rehearsal you push a lot of air so I am pushing and farting.''

What's more, Olly Murs once admitted he would love to shack up with Katy Perry and wouldn't even mind if she broke wind in bed.

He said: ''I wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting, do you know what I mean?''