Emmy Rossum plans her outfits days in advance.

The 28-year-old actress has perfected her ''smart'' and ''put together'' style by organising her wardrobe into coordinating groups and selecting her looks well ahead of time.

She told People magazine: ''I always like to look put together and smart, but I don't put too much energy into it.

''Sometimes I pick out outfits on the weekend that I might wear during the week, or before a season comes, I'll kind of group things together in the closet that might go together - more like an organization tactic so outfits can come together much more quickly in the mornings.''

The 'Beautiful Creatures' star likes to base her outfits around simple cross-seasonal pieces that keep her looking ''elegant'' throughout the year.

She explained: ''[My style] is often based on my mood, and I always wear things that are comfortable for every day.

''Right now I'm wearing a black capri pant by a company called Bardot, and it's a very smart, simple lightweight black pant that can transition with layers into a winter look.

''But I like [the pants] with a ballet flat and a turtleneck. It feels very European, easy and elegant.''

The brunette beauty is also in the process of preparing for Christmas and shared her top tips for finding personal but inexpensive gifts for loved ones.

She said: ''I like to do things that are super personalised, and they don't have to be very expensive.

''So on the super inexpensive end, you can do a candle that has their initial on it.''