Emmy Rossum has reportedly been robbed.

The 30-year-old actress has reportedly been stripped of around $150,000 in antique jewellery after burglars broke into her West LA home and emptied the contents of two locked safes.

TMZ.com reports the 'Shameless' star had been in New York City when the alleged robbery took place last week, and it was her housekeeper who noticed the missing items when they saw a smashed pane of glass on the property's back door on Friday (24.03.17).

Law enforcement sources reportedly told the publication: ''Emmy was in NYC last week when the housekeeper showed up on Wednesday and everything was fine. But on Friday, the housekeeper returned to a crime scene.

''The housekeeper noticed the power was off and a glass pane on a back door was smashed.''

It is believed the culprit was able to get into Emmy's safes after she reportedly left the combination to the secured boxes written beside each safe.

Nothing else was taken in the raid, and law enforcement sources told TMZ they believe the thief cut the power in order to turn off the security alarm.

The 'Beautiful Creatures' actress isn't the first celebrity to have their home targeted recently either, as reality star and model Kendall Jenner was reportedly robbed of $200,000 in jewellery earlier this month.

It is thought the burglars entered Kendall's house sometime between her leaving at lunchtime and returning home at 8pm. Kendall didn't raise the alarm at first as she didn't realise things had gone missing until she went to her bedroom just after one in the morning.

Police found no evidence of forced entry, and are working under the assumption that Kendall's missing jewellery was taken by someone who attended a party at the home shortly before she noticed the items were gone.

Meanwhile, Jaime Pressly, Yasiel Puig, Derek Fisher, Alanis Morissette, Cesar Millan and Nick Young have all reportedly been targeted by burglars this year.