In a significant breach of security, the top-ten finalists in each category of the Primetime Emmy Awards were disclosed Monday by the website, operated by the Los Angeles Times. According to the website, the drama finalists are: ABC's Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy and Lost; NBC's Friday Night Lights and Heroes; Fox's House and 24; Showtime's Dexter; and HBO's Rome and The Sopranos. The comedy finalists are: ABC's Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty; NBC's My Name Is Earl, The Office, SCRUBS and 30 Rock; CBS' Two and a Half Men; HBO's Entourage and Extras; and Showtime's Weeds. Somewhat surprisingly, NBC, the lowest-rated network, led all other networks with six shows on the two lists. ABC followed with five and HBO with four. Showtime and Fox landed two shows on the lists. CBS -- the top-rated network -- landed only one.