It took French movie star Emmanuelle Beart five years to see her controversial nude scenes in arthouse film LA BELLE NOISEUSE because she was terrified of seeing her naked body on the big screen.

The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star spent most of the four-hour film totally naked - playing a secretary who becomes the muse of a troubled artist.

She admits she got caught up in the shock factor surrounding the film and felt, at one point, she'd never be able to see the film.

She says, "When I had the courage to see the movie, like five years after, I understood that I could see the blood, I could see the bones, I could see the skin changing colour."

Beart admits that seeing the film has helped her come to terms with nudity in films.

She adds, "Since that movie, when there's a good reason, nudity won't stop me because it's a way to express things."

30/08/2004 21:07