Emma Watson was upset by worker conditions in Bangladesh.

The 'Harry Potter' actress - who visited the Asian country's capital city Dhaka as part of her work with fashion label People Tree - was astonished by The Poor environment where people lived in work, but was amazed by how friendly locals were to her.

She said: "I had some preconceived ideas but nothing prepared me for the reality. It was upsetting to see the conditions in which these people live, but I was incredibly moved by their spirit and friendliness in spite of such apparent adversity.

"Having seen the slums in Dhaka and the conditions in which these people live and work to produce 'fast fashion', I would say to those people that this is not the way we should be making clothes in the modern world."

However, the 20-year-old actress praised the way fair trade factories have changed the lives of some people.

Speaking about the women who work at Swallows - the fair trade factory used by People Tree- she explained: "It's just so impressive to see how the women have used fair trade clothing to escape poverty and empower themselves and their children. I was moved and inspired."'