Emma Watson is a ''sucker'' for self-help books that can improve her life and career.

The 'Beauty and the Beast' actress has an online group in which she recommends feminist literature for discussion, but she admits she is also ''really excited'' by tomes that promise to help her improve her life.

She said: ''I love it. I will get really excited reading something like Ariana Huffington's 'The Sleep Revolution'. I am a sucker for anything that promises to change my life.''

The 26-year-old star also had a surprising choice for her favourite-ever love story, singling out 'Just Kids', the memoir of punk singer Patti Smith's lifelong romance with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

She explained: ''I adored the idea that their love was like a ship that always needed balancing, and their affair transcended a sexual relationship and lasted right to the death. It was so ahead of its time.''

Emma has had numerous approaches to write a book on feminism herself but insists she won't be doing so until later in life.

She said: ''I need to see and do a bit more first. It's not like I have been reading this material for years and I don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge. It can be a lot of pressure sometimes, as people expect me to know so much.

''I'm no expert, and when people push me into a corner of 'Here's Emma Watson to lecture you on feminism', it's uncomfortable because I am aware I have a long way to go. I am not sure I deserve all the respect I get yet, but I'm working on it.''

When the British star gets time off, she is a ''fanatical nester'' and enjoys long periods in her own company.

She told ELLE magazine: ''I'm the kind of person who needs 24 hours where I don't see another living thing.''