The 26-year-old actress first shot to fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, but in recent years she has made a name for herself championing female rights.

She was made a UN goodwill ambassador in July 2014 and launched their HeForShe campaign that September, calling for men to stand up for women's rights.

Emma recently sat down with Geena Davis and Interview magazine to discuss how she first became aware that gender inequality was such an issue.

"If you've been sold the line that gender equality is something that is solved, and that we now live in an equal world and this has all been tackled, you're not looking for it in the same way," Emma told the publication. "I would say there have been different stages of my feminist awakening. The more layers you peel back and the more things you're made aware of, you're like, 'Oh my God.' "

Geena has similarly campaigned for gender equality. The 60-year-old actress has starred as countless strong women during her acting career, including Thelma in 1991 road trip movie Thelma and Louise, but she admits these roles are few and far between.

"The world is missing female characters," she sighed. "A lot of times there is one female character, maybe even a cool one, maybe even an important one. But where are all the rest?"

Geena made the decision to set up the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a company dedicated to ensuring equality for all sexes in the media industry.

"It wasn't so I could go educate the public, really," she explained. "It was so I could go back to the people in the industry and present it to them and say, 'See, it really is still a problem'. We go meet with every studio, every guild, every network, every production company and share it with them, privately. I don't really bust anybody publicly. It's much more efficient if I can impact the creators. So that's what we do. It's had a great impact."