Emma Watson had a ''crisis of confidence'' when she had to sing for 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The 27-year-old actress took on the role of Belle for the recently released live-action remake of the 1991 animated Disney classic, and has said having to sing for the role was ''nerve-racking'', but admits that now she's done it she wants to perform in musicals ''every day''.

She said: ''I can't even tell you how nerve-racking it was,' she explained. 'I had a real crisis of confidence.

''It's something I've always done and loved to do. My family know I can do it and my friends know I can do it, but I thought, is my voice holding to hold up?

''But I loved it. I want to do a musical every day of my life. When I hear that song Beauty and the Beast I just melt.''

And the brunette beauty admits she took on the role after feeling a ''connection'' to the character as she describes her as ''fierce and smart''.

Speaking during an appearance on ITV's 'Lorraine' on Monday (17.04.17), Emma said: ''Cinderella wasn't right for me, it didn't feel right for me but when Beauty and the Beast came back around I was like 'I will do anything!'

''She's so fierce and she's so smart, she's just the coolest. My five-year-old self when I put the dress on was like 'Oh my God.'''

It's not the first time Emma has spoken about her fears over singing in the movie either, as she previously said felt a ''different level of vulnerability'' when she was asked to sing in the production.

She said: ''It was something I talked about a lot when I got cast as Hermione, that I really wanted to sing. But I had kind of put it to bed because the acting thing had gone quite well ...

''Singing makes you much more vulnerable than speaking. In acting, you can hide behind a character, whereas, when you start singing, it's your own voice. For me, there's definitely a different level of vulnerability.''