British actress Emma Thompson was plunged into despair as she struggled to fall pregnant with a second child, despite undergoing extensive IVF treatment.
The Nanny MCPhee star gave birth to her daughter, Gaia, with husband Greg Wise in 1999 following in vitro fertilisation at the age of 40.
She then tried to conceive a second child - but failed to get pregnant again despite three more cycles of treatment.
And the actress, who has long battled depression, admits she was devastated by the experience, which made her obsess about other people's kids.
She says, "It was hellish after Gaia was born, trying to have another baby through IVF. I blamed myself and no one could persuade me that it wasn't my fault, and that led to another depression.
"I didn't notice my 40th birthday because a vast explosion had gone off in my body. It was a bit like my mum not noticing the menopause because she was widowed at 48. By the time she'd lifted her head up from the grief, she'd gone through it. It was bad. I counted other people's children for years."