Emma Thompson's husband Greg Wise found the idea of having only one child "brutal" as he wanted a large family.

The Sense And Sensibility actor, 38, was delighted when his OSCAR-winning spouse gave birth to five-year-old daughter GAIA at the age of 40 on their first IVF attempt - although he did have a tough time realising there would be no further children.

Wise says, "It's brutal. Emotionally and mentally, for everyone. We tried our hardest, and it didn't work.

"But we are fantastically lucky. We have the most blissful child.

"You have a whole different relationship if you have one child than if you have three or four. You're a lot more portable. You can go, 'Come on'.

"Which hopefully we'll be able to do in a couple of years' time, go off and spend six months in Uganda building a school."

The British actor underwent therapy last year (03) after falling into a "hole" during the IVF treatment.

He adds, "It's such an emotive subject, children - having a child, trying to conceive a child, it brings all of life along with it."

23/12/2004 17:41