Emma Thompson won over the cast of acclaimed new movie AN EDUCATION by serving up pizza and wine for the cast and crew at the end of her day on the set.
The Oscar winner has a cameo in the film and spent just a day shooting it - but by the end of her time on set, everyone loved her.
Newcomer Carey Mulligan, who stars in the film, explains, "She's so completely normal. She knew the first names of everyone in the crew by 11 in the morning.
"There's a scene where she's writing these things on paper while she is talking to me and delivering these lines and every time she handed over the piece of paper to the prop guy he was like breaking down laughing because she would write really obscene things on every piece of paper, really dirty.
"She's just awesome. It was one of my favourite days on the whole shoot. At the end of the day she ordered pizza for the whole crew and wine and she was only there for the day. She was just lovely. She's proper class."