British actress Emma Thompson is to return to the U.K. university where her adopted son suffered at the hands of bullies to give a lecture on race relations.
The Oscar-winner's 22-year-old son, Tindyebwa Agaba, a former Rwandan child soldier who she adopted in 2003, graduated from England's Exeter University in July (09) with a degree in politics.
Thompson has revealed Agaba endured taunts from other students about his background - and she has decided to return to the institution to help move race relations forward.
She says, "We are going to be doing a whole load of inclusion and diversity things. Exeter is very white and middle class and it needs to be cracked open a little bit. I shall be there with my son. He had some unpleasant experiences at Exeter, but also some good ones.
"That's what's great - the university has reacted with some oomph - they see we need to open our eyes and doors and see what's been going on with people. I've been very impressed with that and I'll be there for three or four days."