British star Emma Thompson has called a stop to her new glamorous image of past months - because she's got to work for the next two years.

The LOVE ACTUALLY star, 44, has shocked many with her stunning appearances in revealing dresses and a new bleached blonde haircut at several awards ceremonies recently - but Thompson now says she's got to leave the glitz behind, and she can't even keep her party clothes to remind her of the good times.

She laments, "This is it, the last time I get to wear a nice dress for two years because I'm working from now on. I am very sad to let them all go - there is nothing like looking a proper film star for once - and I will miss them.

"I won't even get to keep the frocks. I have to send them all back - they were on loan from designers! Even if they were mine, there is not room to keep them in my semi(-detached house). I'd have to move house!"

23/02/2004 02:09