Actress Emma Thompson has been moved to tears by the plight of Ethiopians as they battle a growing AIDS epidemic.

The OSCAR-winning thespian visited the struggling African country recently as part of her duties as an ambassador for the ACTIONAID charity, and was overwhelmed by the amount of individuals determined to sort out their own issues when disaster strikes.

She says, "A 17-year-old girl told me how her mum had died from HIV. On the day she died, the teenager went out to look for people who used to be her mother's friends but they all refused to bury her."

Although LOVE ACTUALLY star Thompson was left emotionally devastated by the traumatic scenes she encountered, she's relieved schools are teaching Ethiopia's young about the facts of HIV and AIDS.

She adds, "They all know how it is transmitted - even the little ones- and it is such a relief to hear and see them discussing it openly."

24/04/2005 21:40