British actress Emma Thompson is thrilled her new movie reduced grown men to tears - because she always dreamed of touching the hearts of fathers.

The SENSE AND SENSIBILITY star wrote and starred in family film NANNY MCPHEE, and she's delighted by reports of audiences filled with sobbing dads.

She explains, "You find these great big guys weeping at the end and trying to find somebody to thank. The security guys at one of the previews said, 'These guys kept coming up and thanking me.'

"Maybe we don't make enough things about fathers because mothers are always central and there aren't that many films that talk about that particular problem of a father who can't make enough money to support his family.

"Also, a story about a father finding a way back to his son is a very powerful parental story."

The hit film, adapted from the NURSE MATILDA books, follows the exploits of a magical nanny, who helps bring an overworked father, played by Colin Firth, closer to his kids.