British actress Emma Thompson paid an emotional tribute to her adopted son TINDYEBWA AGABA as she watched the former Rwandan child soldier graduate from university on Tuesday (21Jul09).
Thompson and her actor husband adopted Agaba, now 22, into their family after meeting him at the age of 16 at a Refugee Council party in 2003.
The youngster was forced to serve as a child soldier in the 1990s after his father died of AIDS and his mother and sister disappeared during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He subsequently fled to Britain where he met his adoptive parents.
Agaba has now gained a degree in politics from England's Exeter University and plans to go on to study for a Masters Degree in Human Rights Law in London.
His proud parents were on hand to witness the ceremony and Thompson spoke of her pride in her son's achievements.
She says, "It's incredible what he's managed to do. He has adapted sensationally well. He didn’t have much English, but we just got talking. His experience had been awful and he finally got to Britain after tremendous suffering.
"He’s such a lovely, enchanting boy."
Thompson and Wise also have an eight-year-old daughter Gaia.