British acting stars Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh are considering teaming up again on the big screen because they think they'll make better movie partners now they're not married.

The pair starred alongside each other in the ill-fated Dead Again and vowed never to repeat the experience.

But now, a decade after their split, Thompson, who married actor Greg Wise in 2003, is keen to see whether she and Branagh have on screen chemistry.

She says, "We've talked about that. I think we could easily do it. I don't think we're that brilliant together on screen, actually.

"Dead Again wasn't that great. It was a wonderful script and we loved doing it but that may be because we were married at the time. Now it might be very, very interesting for us to work together again if we find something.

"We have said to each other, 'Why don't we do that now? Enough time has gone by and all that blood under the bridge.'"