Dame Emma Thompson has branded Meryl Streep ''a very good snogger''.

The 'Last Christmas' star was asked to rank her screen kisses and admitted locking lips with the screen legend in 2003 miniseries 'Angel America' was her number one because the 70-year-old star left ''no stone unturned''.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ's Alice Levine and Dev Griffin, she said: ''Meryl Streep is a very good snogger - I had to snog her in 'Angels in America'.

''She was method about it can I just say...there was no stone unturned in my gob that's for sure...blimey what's she doing here, mining for jewels?''

The 60-year-old actress also recalled a ''good kiss'' with Robbie Coltrane in another drama series, 'Tutti Frutti', in 1987 but admitted the smooch wasn't painless.

She said: ''Well, I did have a good kiss with Robbie Coltrane in 'Tutti Frutti' in Glasgow, but it turned into a bit of a tooth kiss you know where you just go, 'Ow, ow ow.' ''

The 'Saving Mr. Banks' star also joked she wouldn't ''recommend'' becoming super rich because it can make someone ''less of a human being''.

She quipped: ''You get rich by holding on to everything you ever, ever earn and never giving any of it away, and slowly becoming less of a human being, so I wouldn't recommend it.''

And Emma - who has daughter Gaia with husband Greg Wise - admitted she used to steal sweets from her local shop when she was a child.

She confessed: ''I mean when I was six...we didn't get pocket money. On Sundays we weren't allowed sugar, which was very good but of course turned me into a thief when I was young.

''So I started stealing sweets from the local sweetie shop. I used to take these gummy snake things, because they were in a low level shelf...and I used to take one of those and shove it up my sleeve.''