Emma Thompson thinks it is ''fantastic'' that she's turning 60 next year.

The 'Children Act' star love ageing but finds it ''so annoying'' that women don't get offered more roles compared to men of the same age.

She told Vulture: ''It's so annoying to be female and consistently going, 'Have I got to see a f***ing story again about a guy who does things that I've already seen a guy do a million times?' So I'm bored. The difference now, as I get older, is that I'm released by my boredom. I no longer bother. I'm free to go and look for new ideas and new voices. I'm able with absolute comfort and ease to reject so much. It's fantastic being this age. I'm old. We're constantly watching films where older men have wonderful roles and older women really don't. But I'm a character actor, don't forget. If you've got form and you're a character actor, you're much better off because you're not fighting the way you once looked.''

Meanwhile, Emma previously insisted she doesn't think there are many good roles for ''older'' actresses and she jumped at the chance to nab the part as a female judge in 'The Children Act' because she was surprised by that the authoritative figure was a woman.

She said: ''I'd never seen a story about a female judge, and I think in our patriarchal world, when you hear the word judge, you automatically think, 'Oh, it's a man.' Men don't have any problem with that. It's something that hasn't yet properly changed. We are seeing some really good and interesting new roles, so one's got to be hopeful.''