Emma Thompson considered undergoing a glamorous makeover after she was sent a script to play Mother Teresa.

The Oscar winner was keen to get back to the big screen after several years of carefully picking projects so she could spend time with her daughter Gaia and adopted son Tindyebwa, and she asked her agent to look out for exciting new roles.

But Thompson was left mortified when she was sent the potential parts to consider - one to play the aged Catholic nun, who died in 1997 aged 87, and another to play Bradley Cooper's mother.

She tells Britain's Sunday Times Style magazine, "I hadn't been acting for a while because of being (a) mum, so I went to my agent and said, 'Do you think you could see what's out there?' and they came back with three things: Bradley Cooper's mother, a very old lady in a wheelchair and Mother Teresa."

Thompson relayed the offer to her friends, who quickly advised her to organise a stylish photoshoot to convince Hollywood bosses she wasn't past her prime.

She adds, "I told my mates and they said, 'Maybe you should do a couple of photoshoots and have them retouched?'"