Actress Emma Thompson has become the latest Brit backing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's stint as California Governor, because she thinks he'll "probably do rather a good job".

Despite her leanings towards America's Democrats, the actress, who co-starred with Arnie in JUNIOR, is prepared to give the action man a chance as a politician.

She only hopes the movie star doesn't become another Ronald Reagan.

She says, "You've had this happen to you before with Reagan and I was protesting at 'Reagan Out' rallies in the 1980s.

"I think Arnold's probably rather more sophisticated and probably a better businessman than Reagan - and that's what California might be pleased about. I don't live there but you should care about the people in powerful positions because they carry so much responsibility.

"I would've thought that he'll do well. He's kind of done so much in so many different areas, that I can't imagine him not making a success of whatever he does. Whether his version of success will chime in with whatever sectoral strata of society of California being benefited or not remains to be seen.

"I don't think that Arnold's without a sense of justice or fair play or a sense of decency. We'll see."

27/10/2003 21:17